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Reasons for Addiction

A person can notice how tired he is of himself. He spends a huge amount of his life energy on his own suffering and torment – the usual way of thinking and emotional outbursts, because he is not aware of what is happening. Naturally, at the same time, life does not improve, problems do not diminish, but roll like a snowball. These behaviors and lifestyles can lead a person to “seek help” for chemicals.


Any chemical substance, one way or another, affects the nervous system and the human body, “dipping” it into dependence. Over time, often using chemicals, the need for use increases and there is a loss of control over this process.

If we characterize the state of a person dependent on chemicals, then this is nostalgia for his own missing soul, this is a state of loss. The consequence of this is an all-consuming fear of the past, present and future, from which a person runs so rapidly.

Every person strives for a state of freedom and independence. But, unfortunately, modern man prefers short-term, false pleasure, instead of a long-term, independent, cheerful state. The question is, if there is an awareness of what it is all about. A state of euphoria, ecstasy, pleasure, relaxation, independence, that is, complete satisfaction – this is a state of consciousness in which one wants to always be with which a person can feel freedom. But, the very desire to be constantly in this state, says only that he is not available, which means that he is a dependent person.

Moreover, the desire to get this state can lead to increased dependence. How? The question is, where is the human power source located? The future fate of a person will depend on the correct answer. Either a person will sink into total dependence, or he will be freed from his own limitations, which will lead him to a state of independence, freedom and satisfaction.

But, very often the desire of a person to seek to satisfy his needs leads him to the edge of the abyss, because the search had the wrong direction. The wrong direction is dictated by ignorance of the reasons for what is happening.

Addiction is the cause of all human problems. Addiction is a spiritual crisis. Dependency is a state of limitation. Addiction is not just on chemicals, but dependence on a habitual way of life, on distorted thinking, on a negative emotional background. Addiction is everywhere and in everything.

Behind the need for chemicals is the need for integrity. The legitimate natural duality is the reason for the inconsistency of man, and determines his further search.

Any chemical substances that affect consciousness and change its state are put into restrictions, and this is the direction of increasing dependence. Any removal of the imposed restrictions is a release from dependence.

Removing the imposed restrictions is accompanied by the opportunity to show their abilities, and leads to a state of satisfaction. What is higher than a person’s personality? This question has always been asked by man. But, the search for an answer does not satisfy a person, and this is what leads a person to total dependence, and the initial question no longer has any meaning.

Any person has the resources and the ability to learn how to change their state of consciousness without resorting to chemicals. The question is, what is the purpose?

According to the laws of nature, every person has the need to expand their awareness (altered state of consciousness). In a trance state, a person functions much more efficiently than in a normal state. That is, in a state of trance, a person has the opportunity to get to their hidden resources. But there is one small “but” and a couple of questions.


How does the expansion of consciousness occur?

Where are the released resources going?

The future fate of the person himself will depend on this or that answer.

The right choice will lead a person to development and prosperity, the wrong one will inevitably lead to destruction. You can help a person to take the only correct path of self-knowledge, but he himself must show the intention to transform the negative imposed on him.

Working with the deep layers of the unconscious, a person comes to full awareness of his inner space, orientates himself in it, and becomes the master of himself. A person begins to realize the cause-and-effect relationship of what is happening in his life.

Attempts to eliminate the problem (consequence), without eliminating the cause that gave rise to this problem, are not effective. After all, the “living” cause will recreate the eliminated effect. The question is, to what depth of awareness a person can reach, because any consequence automatically becomes the cause of the next effect.

Understanding the meaninglessness of one’s existence in a state of dependence and limitations leads to intentions and attempts to change oneself and one’s way of life. Happiness, joy, success and contentment are realities that a person must realize.

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