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VIP Rehabilitation Program

“MaaVaR Clinic” uses in its work innovative technologies, and presents a new look at the topic of rehabilitation.
“MaaVaR” has created rehabilitation methods unique in its accuracy and effectiveness. They are based on the natural processes of consciousness.
Everyone wants to be free, but not everyone is free. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol – their process of thinking is organized wrongly, therefore – a distorted outlook and an appropriate way of life.
Experienced specialists, a doctor psychiatrist – a narcologist, instructors will accompany you and support at all stages of rehabilitation, (physical, psychological, emotional).
“MaaVaR” center goal is to provide the client with the opportunity and conditions for building a new, quality lifestyle without use of chemical – psychoactive substances.

Addiction is a degradation. Relief from addiction is your evolution.

We are based on the following statement: there is a direct and determining relationship between the state of human consciousness and what happens in his life. “MaaVaR Clinic” offers a new look for studying and getting out of any kind of addictions, and also ways to achieve the desired results. We provide an opportunity to change old ideas about the habitual way of life.
The clinic employs a professional team with many years of experience. We have multidisciplinary staff, which allows both a group and individual approach, that has no analogues. Medical diagnostics, work with psychological, psychiatric and physical diseases and disorders. The center is 24 hours a day under the supervision of professionals.

VIP rehabilitation program

  1. Initial examination of the client, examination by a psychiatrist-narcologist, psychotherapist.
    At the request of the client (additional package), the therapist and neurologist examine him. With a certain need, the client is immediately sent to specialists for an additional examination. If the client expresses a desire to undergo a routine preventive examination, then we provide such an opportunity in the rehabilitation process (full medical examination).
  2. The stage of detoxication is painless and effective. Adaptation of the body and its purification from any type of chemical substances passes quickly and gently, with the help of professionals with many years of experience. For the selection of the drug treatment scheme, the client’s condition and individual characteristics are taken into account. In the process of detoxication, the client is under 24-hour supervision of the clinic’s staff. At this stage, there are restrictions in any kind of contact from outside, and there is a step-by-step entry into rehabilitation.
  3. In the process of rehabilitation, the client receives his own individual recovery program and an opportunity to exit from chemical addiction.
  4. After the rehabilitation period in “MaaVaR Clinic”, the client is given the opportunity to continue the recovery program – to adapt in society. To do this, our clinic provides an opportunity to move from the clinic to the “MaaVaR” hostel.

The program includes:

  1. Work during the rehabilitation with a psychiatrist and narcologist.
  2. Constant contact and work with medical personnel, social workers, instructors of the clinic.
  3. Daily group and individual therapy according to the “12 steps” method with the possibility of complete passage of this program.
  4. Daily individual therapy – work with your mind, study and discover the causes of what is happening.
  5. Daily practical work – obtaining a tools for studying the state of consciousness, and the possibility of changing it.
  6. Group and individual work with professionals. Work with metaphorical associative cards (MAC Cards).
  7. Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  8. ART – therapy.
  9. Dramatherapy, a simulation for the ability to adapt and build a new way of life in the future.
  10. Individual work – personal evolution (low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, inability to set goals and achieve them, guilt, dissatisfaction with life, fears and anxiety.)
  11. Meditation groups.

By request of the client (additional package)

Suggested topics of rehabilitation:

• Marriage, (conflicts, lack of mutual understanding, jealousy).
• Co-dependency (emotional addiction to another person). Training in gyms.
• Consultations with masters of martial arts. Training in professional halls:

a) Hall of boxing.
b) Kung-fu Hall.
d) Music studio.
e) Swimming pool.

• Ability to visit the sacred sites of many religions, touch the world relics, get acquainted with modern and ancient Israel.
• Communication with spiritual instructors, providing opportunities for individual conversation (sages, cabalists).

At the end of this stage of rehabilitation, the client receives individual recommendations and a choice for further passage of the chosen path.

Conditions of VIP:
• Clinic under constant supervision.
• The staff of the clinic speaks Russian and Hebrew.
• Clinic is planned for 12 patients.
• Accommodation in the clinic at the request of the client (double and single rooms).
• Four meals a day.
• Home furnishings.
• All medications used are licensed by the Ministry of Health of Israel.

According to the experience of the clinic, to obtain effective results rehabilitation is calculated for a period of at least 3 months.

Out-patient VIP (accommodation outside the center under dosed supervision of our specialists)
Within the scope of our center’s work is the provision of professional services, in which the client is rehabilitated on an outpatient basis.
Painless passage of detoxication under the supervision of the staff of the clinic 24 hours a day. If the client is not interested in providing him with in-patient treatment, we will conduct a full rehabilitation course with him on an outpatient basis.

Conditions of out-patient rehabilitation:

• Individual treatment at the client’s place of residence.
• Constant observation of a psychiatrist – an expert in narcology.
• Individual therapy according to the “12 steps” method with the possibility of complete passage of this program.
• Individual therapy – study of consciousness, study and detection of the causes of what is happening.
• Individual practical work – the opportunity to change your state of consciousness.
• Provision of services for a chemical dependency consultant.
• Provision of family psychotherapist services.
• Communication with spiritual instructors, providing opportunities for individual conversation, (sages, cabbalists).
• Opportunity to visit the sacred sites of many religions, to touch the world relics, to get acquainted with modern and ancient Israel.

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