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The 12 Steps program can be called one of the most effective programs created for recovery from any kind of addictions. The essence of this unique program is to recognize the obvious fact: the person himself is not able to cope with his disease – addiction. Therefore, he needs help to recover – you need radical changes. And these changes are acquired in the process of passing the 12 Steps program.

An important condition of the program is the need to believe that everything will be fine, and as often as possible to say to yourself: “I will do everything I am able to.” A lot depends on the faith of a person and his desire, therefore it is not surprising that after passing the 12 Steps program many people rethink life and its values.


How does the 12 Steps program work?


  1. Awareness.
    Initially, it is necessary to admit that there is no control over one’s addiction. Not everyone can realize this, but it is this stage that is the basis for the beginning of a new way of life.
  2. Faith.
    At this stage, it is necessary to make sure that the disease is a addiction, it is insanity, destruction, it is necessary to get rid of it – to seek help.
  3. Management.
    At this stage, you must learn to command your will and desire. There is no point in waiting. It is necessary to act.
  4. Analysis.
    You need to learn how to analyze your world. Personal inventory will lead to reasons of
  5. Recognition.
    Self-analysis and a real assessment of one’s personality lead to liberation.
  6. Transformation.
    It is necessary to be ready for correction, to realize one’s shortcomings in character. The expansion of a person’s consciousness moves him to a transformation.
  7. Changes.
    It is necessary to understand that you need help and you need to seek help in order to recover and become stronger. It’s time to change your habits and become another person who looks at the world with a completely new look.
  8. Cleansing.
    This is exactly the stage of awareness of your involvement in the damage done to the surrounding world, where nothing should be left without attention.
  9. Atonement.
    Cardinal changes are the moment of active actions. Compensation for damage – the release of personal potential. Release from prison of your own mind.
  10. Self-control.
    Recognize and correct your mistakes. The emergence of self-control, self-control and self-control. Every act is analyzed and carefully considered.
  11. Development.
    Development of creative potential, expansion of borders of opportunities and abilities. The spiritual world is much wider than one can imagine.
  12. Help.
    Spiritual awakening.

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