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Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a psychological and, in the later stages, physical dependency on drugs that are taken in various ways (swallowing, inhaling, injecting) to achieve an altered state of consciousness that ensures escaping from discomfort.

Two aspects of drug addiction are generally distinguished — physical and mental. Besides, the factors that caused a person to start taking drugs are important, as well as the way the addiction affected his or her health and private life (work, relationships with relatives and friends).

Safe treatment of chemical addiction can only be carried out under the supervision of specialists. In the case of self-treatment or a treatment applying non-traditional methods, an addict risks harming his or her health without getting rid of the disease.

Causes of drug addiction

The Causes of Drug Addiction

Among the causes of drug addiction, three groups are usually distinguished: psychological, social, and physiological.


  • family problems;
  • mere curiosity or boredom;
  • craving for creative and intellectual success;
  • protest against the conventions of society or one’s family;
  • lack of self-discipline;
  • lack of a sense of responsibility for one’s actions and deeds;
  • lack or distortion of moral values;
  • some inner conflicts;
  • lack of self-contentment or self-doubt;
  • feeling of uncertainty;
  • fears, insecurity, anxiety.

The causes of drug addiction in a family can include a lack, or conversely an excess of love, overprotection, suppression of the child’s personality, oppression, manhandling. The main cause of drug addiction among adolescents is the lack of warm-heartedness and mutual understanding in the family. Parents devote themselves completely to work, buy off their children with toys, whereas the latter still sorely lack parental attention, care, love, and their psyche suffers from this.


  • copying the behavior of coevals, respected persons, or idols;
  • following trends, craving for recognition in a group of peers;
  • lack of upbringing;
  • lack of other interests.


  • severe constant pain;
  • problems with the hormones and gland secretion;
  • musculoskeletal disorders.

Drug addiction treatment

The Drug Addiction Treatment in Israel

The private MaaVaR addiction clinic will help one overcome drug addiction and return to a normal, healthy life without drugs. Addictions, like any other disease, require a comprehensive approach to treatment. In our clinic, a perfect addiction treating method has been formed as the result of years-long practice. All the treatment is divided into stages, each allowing to solve one of the seven important problems of a drug addict.

Stage 1. Chemical (detoxification). To put it simply, it is the removal of the body’s physical dependence on drugs. Such a detoxifying allows one to solve many complex problems as well as get rid of withdrawal symptoms, insomnia, dizziness, and spasms faster. Besides, it removes or significantly reduces the psychological patient’s resistance to the treatment. Physical and psychological discomfort is the first hindrance to overcome in the fight against drug addiction, and only deoxidation can make this fight really promising.

Stage 2. Psychological (rehabilitation). A drug addict is subjected to a long cycle of consultations, therapies, interaction with psychologists and support groups. All this is necessary for the person to realize who he or she is, how drugs harm them, to find their own identity and place in the world — that is, to give up the illusions imposed by drugs.

Stage 3. Socialization in a controlled environment. It is not enough to return a person to his or her personality — it is necessary to re-teach them to socialize. This stage helps the patient to find their place in life, make new friends, start working, and develop relationships with their family. Without the third one, the other stages would lose their significance, since laking a firm belief, a former addict will quickly return to drug use.

Stage 4. Return to the family while preserving temporal close interaction with the clinic. No matter how close the third stage is to reality, real life is always much harder. Therefore, we support our patients throughout their struggling with addiction and even subsequently if they need help.

Stage 5. The intention to understand people. A former drug addict needs to reconsider the meaning of his or her life, reexamine a lot of things, and find a life purpose. The clinic will do everything possible to assist and encourage one to choose the right path.

Stage 6. Following the rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation program. It is important to strictly follow the recommendations and not to exacerbate one’s condition. This stage implies mandatory attendance of drug addicts anonymous groups.

Stage 7. Regression prevention programs. The prevention program involves special classes and consultations with a psychologist to avoid a possible regression on the addict’s part. The preventive course includes lectures, training, individual interaction with a psychologist, as well as meetings with former drug addicts. Any situation can become a reason for a regression: stress, emotional shock, minor household problems, etc.

The period of psychological rehabilitation requires efforts not only on the former drug addict’s part. The behavior of relatives and family members also plays an important role at this stage. They need to provide emotional support, show faith in the ability of the patient to get rid of the morbid addiction. The addicts should feel their importance, that they are needed by their relatives.

After undergoing the psychological rehabilitation in the private Israeli MaaVaR addiction clinic, a patient will not only be able to abandon drugs but also to transform internally to such an extent that drugs will no longer seem a vital necessity — moreover, he or she will lose all interest in them completely. The patient will realize the fullness and vividness of life, enjoy it, and be content with ordinary human joys, and not trying to replace the true reality with a painful, illusory, and transitory one.

The private MaaVaR rehab clinic returns drug addicts to their identity and gets rid of the addiction.

Anonymous support for drug addicts

The Anonymous Support for Former Drug Addicts

Many drug addicts seek treatment in the clinic too late — when the addiction has already given rise to harmful complications. A reason for such a late admission is most often the fear of a painful death. The addict is afraid to acknowledge that he or she cannot cope with the addiction on their own.

The MaaVaR rehab center guarantees complete anonymity of the addicts’ treatment. It also consults former drug addicts and their relatives in difficult circumstances and provides psychological support along with the possibility to return to the clinic. The center carries out special programs to prevent a regression on a former drug addict’s part and ensures the day and night feedback with the relatives.

Our clinic applies the most advanced rehab methods, provides round-the-clock monitoring of a patient as well as assistance and daily examinations. Each client is treated by an addiction psychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist, nurses, social workers, instructors, and consultants working day and night.

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