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Rehabilitation Program

At the first organizational stage, the client is received and placed. Followed by:

  1. Initial examination of the client, examination by a psychiatrist – narcologist, psychotherapist.
  2. The detoxification stage is completely painless and effective. The adaptation of the body and its cleansing from any kind of chemical substances is quick and gentle, thanks to the help of professionals with many years of experience. To select a drug treatment regimen, the client’s condition and individual characteristics are taken into account. During the detoxification process, the client is monitored by the clinic staff around the clock. At this stage, there are restrictions in any kind of contacts from the outside, while there is a gradual entry into rehabilitation.
  3. In the process of rehabilitation, the client is selected his own individual program of recovery, and given the opportunity to get out of chemical addiction.
  4. After the rehabilitation period at the MaaVaR clinic, the client is given the opportunity to continue the recovery program – to adapt to society.

For social adaptation, our clinic provides the following assistance:

  1. Transfer to the MaaVaR boarding house.
  2. Transfer to rehabilitation centers for longer psychological treatment (keila tipulitis).
  3. Registration at the narcological clinic at the place of registration and visiting support groups.
  4. Assistance in finding a job.

Clinic “MaaVaR” assists and accompanies a client undergoing a recovery program, and supports him throughout the entire rehabilitation period.


The program includes:


  1. Work during rehabilitation with a psychiatrist – narcologist.
  2. Constant contact and work with medical personnel, social workers, clinic instructors.
  3. Daily group and individual therapy according to the “12 steps” method with the possibility of completing this program.
  4. Daily individual therapy – working with your consciousness, studying and discovering the causes of what is happening.
  5. Daily practical work – getting an instrument for researching the state of consciousness, and the ability to change their states.
  6. Group and individual work with professionals. Working with metaphorical associative cards (MAC cards).
  7. Cognitive – behavioral therapy.
  8. ART – therapy.
  9. Drama therapy, simulation for the ability to adapt and build a new way of life in the future.
  10. Individual work – personal development (low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, inability to set goals and achieve them, feelings of guilt, dissatisfaction with life, fears and anxieties.)
  11. Groups of meditation.


Conditions of stay:


  • Clinic under constant supervision.
  • The clinic staff speaks Russian and Hebrew.
  • Accommodation in the clinic at the request of the client (double and single rooms).
  • The clinic has twelve beds.
  • Full board 4 meals a day.
  • Home furnishings.
  • All medications used are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Rehabilitation at the clinic is designed for a period of one month, three months, six months. An individual rehabilitation plan is drawn up.

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