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Female alcoholism

Female alcoholism is a pathological dependence on alcohol in women. Due to the physical, mental and endocrine characteristics of the body, the development and course of alcoholism in women differs in a certain way from the similar dependence in men. Female alcoholism develops in a short time, is accompanied by rapid mental degradation and rapid destruction of internal organs. It often runs latently up to stage II or III. The diagnosis of “female alcoholism” is made on the basis of anamnesis, survey and tests for the alcohol content in physiological fluids. Treatment – various types of coding combined with psychotherapy.


Signs of female alcoholism

Pathological craving for alcohol – a symptom of female alcoholism is the frequent desire to drink. In the early stages of the disease, it is accompanied by excitement, joy before a meal, meeting with friends or other events that will be accompanied by alcohol intake.

Development of tolerance – as the disease progresses, the ability to not get drunk from high doses of alcohol appears. For example, with beer alcoholism, a woman can drink several liters of the drink and remain conditionally sober.

The appearance of a hangover (withdrawal syndrome) – its symptoms are psychosomatic disorders (nausea, weakness, headaches, irritability) in the absence of the usual dose of alcohol.

A noticeable state of intoxication – accompanied by impaired coordination, changes in behavior (tearfulness, talkativeness, giggle), a characteristic smell of alcohol from the mouth. At subsequent stages, such symptoms of female alcoholism as shaking hands, swelling of the face, bags under the eyes join.

Alcohol degradation of personality – in the later stages of female alcoholism, the patient loses interest in her appearance, family affairs, professional duties, and often quits her job. At this stage, there is no self-criticism: the disease is denied, it is not given much importance. Signs of alcoholism in women, such as decreased memory and intelligence, are becoming more and more noticeable.


Causes of female alcoholism

There are a huge number of reasons why women start drinking, but among the main ones:

Social problems – insufficient level of upbringing and education, material problems, problems at work, dissatisfaction in the social sphere, etc .;

Emotional experiences. Various stressful situations that may be associated with loss of work, loss of loved ones, illness of a child, etc.;

Circle of friends. If the woman’s friends drink or are alcoholics;

Working circumstances. When the position of a woman contributes to the fact that she often has to drink alcohol;

Diseases. Mental, genetic, nervous, and also a great tendency to negative influence of people;

Criminal and depraved behavior.

Each factor that was listed above can cause the development of female alcoholism. If there are several factors at once or all, then it is not possible to avoid the development of addiction in a person.

From a physiological point of view, a quick addiction to alcohol occurs for the following reasons:

As a rule, a woman is smaller and less weight than a man. Her body contains less water. This means that per unit mass of its weight there is a large concentration and amount of alcohol, therefore, the degree of intoxication will be greater than that of a man, even if they drank the same amount.

The hormonal characteristics of the female body contribute to the rapid absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

The pathological craving for alcohol increases more against the background of premenstrual syndrome.

The woman remains in control of the situation longer than the man, and therefore she thinks that she can always stop drinking.

The consequences (hangover syndrome) are much milder than in men, and are formed later.


Factors in the development of female alcoholism

Among the main factors in the development of female alcoholism are:

The harsh reality of modern life;

Social status, family role and professional equality;

Hereditary factor, improper upbringing and personality traits;

Household drunkenness, chronic stress and loneliness;

Specificity of “alcoholic” professions.

By themselves, the factors mentioned are not the causes of female alcoholism as such, they only create conditions, a predisposition to the onset of the disease.


Stages of female alcoholism

First stage. At this stage, control over the volume of alcoholic beverages drunk is lost. The girls deny that they have started drinking much more than before. Some women try to hide the fact that they are drinking more. May start drinking alcohol alone. Drinking alcohol 2-3 times a week becomes the norm, drunkenness occurs after small doses. A psychological dependence on alcohol is formed. The protective biological barrier is destroyed: there is no gag reflex.

Second stage. A hangover appears, the craving for alcohol increases. The strength of drinks and their dosage increase. External signs of alcoholism begin to appear. Women drink every day or consume a large volume of alcoholic drinks in 3-4 days. Possible short-term memory loss. Physical dependence on alcohol appears. With long breaks, withdrawal occurs. Insomnia is possible. A hormonal disruption in the girl’s body may occur, and excess weight may be gained. A woman loses a sense of responsibility, she loses interest in her family and work. The girl becomes withdrawn. At this stage, the symptoms of intoxication appear brighter.

Stage Three. There is a complete degradation of the personality. At this stage, doctors note prolonged amnesia and dementia. There comes a period of delirium tremens, delusional state, hallucinations. In the body and brain of a woman, irreversible changes occur, both external and internal. Alcoholic hepatitis occurs. Psychomotor disorders are possible. At this stage, the disease is practically not amenable to treatment, the patient constantly breaks down, the probability of death is high.


Diagnosis of female alcoholism

Since any tests may indicate concomitant diseases, but not alcohol dependence, narcologists are guided by the following signs when diagnosing female alcoholism:

Alcohol is the most valuable subject for the patient, she is ready to discuss endlessly the advantages and disadvantages of this or that drink.

The patient always drinks more than she originally intended, unable to restrain herself.

Drinks in spite of common sense, family pressure, society, and their vital needs.

The patient has withdrawal symptoms.



In order to get rid of such a serious ailment as female alcoholism, it is not enough to take any medications. This requires an integrated approach, which includes the following activities:

Complete diagnostics of an alcoholic. It is very important at the very beginning of treatment to determine the degree of disorders and destruction in the woman’s body. Further treatment will depend on the results of such an examination.

An important measure in the treatment of female alcoholism is the complete cleansing of the body from toxins and toxins.

If at the diagnostic stage the following diseases were identified: damage to the kidneys, brain, heart, gynecological system, pharmacological assistance will be needed. In this case, the main goal is to completely restore the normal functioning of the body.

Psychotherapy is an integral part of alcoholism treatment. For the most part, the cause of such a disease is precisely psychological trauma, hopelessness and despair.

Support of family and friends. Without this factor, it is almost impossible to cure the disease in question. Only the help and support of a dear person can become an incentive for the treatment and getting rid of alcohol addiction.

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