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Help with withdrawal symptoms – calling a narcologist at home in Israel


What to do if an addict cannot stop drinking alcohol on his own, and his health has deteriorated sharply, up to visual and auditory hallucinations or inappropriate behavior? There is only one way out, and it is the surest one – a drug addict at home in Israel.


Narcologist at home in Israel


The MaaVar Clinic narcologist, accompanied by an addiction specialist, will come home in order to relieve withdrawal symptoms, which is the result of prolonged, incessant alcohol intake. Withdrawal syndrome is the most serious condition of a person suffering from alcoholism. It is accompanied by neurological, mental and vegetative disorders. A patient in such a state can pose a danger both to himself and to his loved ones, so there is no way to hesitate to call a narcologist at home in Israel. Experienced and competent doctors of the clinic will help the patient – the severity of withdrawal symptoms will decrease, the state of health will improve (physical and mental).

One of the undoubted advantages of calling a narcologist at home in Israel is complete confidentiality and the preservation of medical secrets and information about patients. We always act in the interests of our clients – a tactful, attentive attitude is guaranteed, not to mention the excellent quality of the medical care provided.

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