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Detoxification of the body from drugs is one of the stages of complex drug addiction treatment. The procedure for cleansing the body of narcotic substances will only have a temporary effect if it is not supplemented with psychotherapy methods and measures to restore the functions of organs and systems.


Particularly dangerous are the so-called hard drugs of natural and synthetic origin with severe withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal symptoms). These include:

  • heroin;
  • cocaine;
  • amphetamine and methamphetamine;
  • ecstasy;
  • methadone;
  • ephedrine;

These drugs cause rapid addiction after the first few doses, are accompanied by painful withdrawal symptoms and lead to the most dangerous complications: rapid degradation and dementia. Without qualified medical care, people who use drugs cannot overcome their addiction on their own, lose the meaning of life and in most cases die before they reach old age.

The complex of measures for detoxification from drugs in the MaaVaR rehabilitation center at the first stage includes a therapeutic treatment. Doctors, using restorative and nutritious agents, help to overcome drug addiction at the physiological level. A set of medicines is selected taking into account the patient’s condition and his physiological characteristics. This takes into account all the data received by the narcologist, resuscitator, therapist and psychiatrist during the initial examination of the patient. Detoxification in our clinic is performed gently and painlessly.

Pharmacological support has a positive effect on the body: it normalizes the work of all organs, restores immunity, and improves metabolism.

In a hospital setting, under the constant supervision of specialists, it is easier for a drug addict to cope with his illness. We use an integrated approach that includes psychological rehabilitation.


Detoxification goals


A set of measures to cleanse the body allows the patient to get rid of drug addiction at the physiological level. A properly designed detoxification program restores all the natural functions of organ systems, thanks to which the body can continue to function without the help of drugs and simply ceases to need them.

Step-by-step purification of blood from narcotic substances restores the normal functioning of internal organs. In drug addicted patients, the constantly repeated intoxication strikes the vital organs. It is for this reason that detoxification methods involve the use of fortifying and nutritional agents: glucose solution, drugs that stimulate respiration and normalize blood pressure. In addition, the specialist prescribes the injection of vitamins B1, B6 and ascorbic acid in shock doses.

Thus, detoxification performs the following tasks:

  • cleans the blood from drugs and their metabolites;
  • normalizes the work of all organ systems affected by intoxication;
  • restores defenses;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • helps to stabilize the nervous system.


General detoxification techniques


Detoxification of the patient’s body from drugs is carried out immediately after the termination of the drug intake. The choice of technique, the necessary drugs depends on the leading symptoms. Often you have to use a whole range of activities.

The main methods of detoxification of the body after drugs:

  • medication;
  • psychotherapy;
  • diet;
  • physical exercise.

The last two methods are auxiliary to drug therapy and psychocorrection.

The patient’s diet during recovery from drugs should be high in calories. The amount of protein and carbohydrates in the diet is increased. During cleaning, it is forbidden to eat fatty, fried foods, sweets.

Do not forget about the water regime. It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of plain water per day. It naturally flushes toxins from the body by excreting them in urine and sweat.

During detoxification, the patient needs to create conditions under which he forgets about the new dose. Occupational therapy and moderate exercise will help.

Contrast showers, regular exercise, healthy eating, good sleep – this is how to restore immunity after drugs.


Indications, restrictions for detoxification from drug addiction


When detoxifying the body from drugs, drug therapy and hardware procedures are used. Their implementation is due to:

  • the presence of dependence on a chemical;
  • severe withdrawal syndrome – abstinence, especially with somatic manifestations;
  • fear of withdrawal from the background of cessation of drug use;
  • the need to cleanse the body from the elements of the decay of narcotic substances, to restore the functional characteristics of systems and organs.

Contraindications to detoxification from drug addiction are determined by the doctor after examining the patient, collecting anamnesis and analyzing the regime of psychoactive substances use.

Restrictions on the conduct of therapeutic measures are:

  • cardiovascular pathology;
  • severe damage to the kidneys, liver;
  • concomitant psychiatric diagnoses;


Detoxification at home


Many clinics offer detoxification of the body for drug addiction at home (“at home”), but experts advise using it only in rare cases.

It is simply unrealistic to compare medical care at home and in hospital. At home, the doctor has many restrictions – he cannot use the necessary equipment, some drugs, he is unable to constantly monitor the patient’s condition, and attract qualified personnel.

Therefore, detoxification at home is only allowed in the following situations:

  • the patient uses relatively light drugs (marijuana, hashish, spice, cocaine);
  • addiction – less than one year;
  • the general condition of the addict is satisfactory, there are no severe somatic and mental pathologies.

It is imperative that you have an enhanced drinking regime (tea, mineral water, juices) to prevent dehydration. Every day, the doctor must visit the patient, monitor the dynamics, and, if necessary, adjust the treatment regimen.

However, full-fledged detoxification of the body for drug addicts is possible only in stationary conditions. And if a person is determined to start drug addiction treatment, then even after successful treatment at home, complex therapy will have to be continued in a specialized clinic.

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