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Methods of Treatment

Comprehensive treatment of drug and alcohol addiction at the MaaVaR rehabilitation center in Israel


Combined treatment of alcohol or drug addiction is practiced by MaaVaRClinic – a specialized rehabilitation center in Israel. A complete approach allows you to overcome the craving for stimulants not only on the psychological, but also on the biochemical level. Restoration of the patient’s physical health is important, because long-term use of alcohol and drugs changes the physiology of the brain and triggers destructive processes in the body.


An addiction treatment program consists of four main stages:

  1. Medication support of the body and suppression of craving for chemicals.
  2. Beginning of psychotherapeutic practices using medications to restore emotional stability and night sleep.
  3. Passing a rehabilitation course according to new advanced techniques under the supervision of qualified specialists.
  4. Psychological preparation for life outside the clinic.

The MaaVaR drug and alcohol rehabilitation center helps addicts change their life priorities. A full life without alcohol and drugs is becoming the norm for former patients of the clinic. After returning to society, they do not experience problems in communicating with people, achieve professional success, and improve their personal life.

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