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Excursions as a means of rehabilitation


Tourism is one of the areas that develop a person. The MaaVaR Drug Clinic organizes trips and various cultural events for its clients to fill your life with new interesting experiences and historical discoveries. For those who are undergoing rehabilitation in our center, there are excursions that will fascinate the soul.



Trips to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Excursion to Jerusalem.

A trip to the shores of the Dead Sea.

Day of rest at the Dead Sea. hotel “Leonardo” (lunch, SPA, Dead Sea pool, beach).

Museum of Masks and Dolls in Arad. (including check-in to the greenhouse).

Excursion to Jordanit (place of the baptism of Jesus).

Evening lights of Jerusalem.

Evening Latrun (including visit to Mini Israel).

Utopia Park. (including a visit to the apiary).

Holidays in Kibbutz Nachsholim (near Netanya) half board.

Evening Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

Zoo of biblical animals.

Australian Animal Sanctuary (Sahne, Gan Ha-Shlosha).

Visit to the cactus garden, Japanese gardens, Aila Valley, Lusit Cave.

Water park “Yamit 2000” (water park, sauna, jacuzzi).

Excursion to Nadiv Park, Rothschild Park (Caesarea).

Excursion to the Bahai Gardens (Haifa).



Our town


Kiryat Gat is located in the very geographic center of Israel, bordering the historic Lachish region and the Negev Desert. From the east, the city is surrounded by coniferous forests, from the north and west – by vineyards and fields.

On the site of the current city of Kiryat Gat, the Philistines once lived. This ancient people have inhabited the coastal part of Israel since the twelfth century BC. They also gave the name to the city – Ghat. The modern city was founded in 1954, and received the status of a city in 1972.

Immigrants from Asia, Europe, (including Russia and the CIS countries), and America, as well as natives of Israel and old-timers live in Kiryat Gat.

The industrial area of the city is home to the global electronics giant INTEL. In recent years, new enclosures from HP, a large international information technology company, have appeared, as well as other industries serving the main high-tech enterprises.

The city and its surroundings are worthy of the attention of any tourist who comes to Israel. According to one version, the legendary battle between David and Goliath took place in the vicinity of Kiryat Gat. Here, at the beginning of the last century, during excavations in the area of the biblical city of Moreshi (present-day Beit Guvrin Park), a whole underground city was discovered – a huge number of large caves dating back to the third century BC. And a number of “bell” caves got their name both in connection with their shape and in connection with excellent acoustics, which greatly amplifies the sound. This makes it possible to often organize concerts of individual performers, choral groups, as well as world stars.

Ten kilometers from the city is the healing resort of Hamey Joav, based on miraculous thermal springs.

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