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Rehabilitation of drug addicts: the role of sport


Clinic “MaaVaR” offers not only spiritual and psychological recovery, but also physical rehabilitation of drug addicts. Exercising regularly is a great way to change yourself!

Trainings are conducted by professional trainers.

Sports and proper nutrition in MaaVaR clinics is an important part of the drug rehabilitation process.

Reasonable sports and proper nutrition are vital for any person, and even more so for a dependent person. Movement is life, and movement depends on proper nutrition. Human physiology is arranged in such a way that without physical activity, all functions of the physical body begin to degrade. A person who does not move or eat properly is often sick, feels constant fatigue, and is always de-energized. He just has constant failures in consciousness, at the level of thinking, and such people are more prone to suicide.


If we compare the lifestyle of an athlete and a person who has nothing to do with sports, then the former, of course, has better health and more active thinking. Various organizations now and then conduct diverse human studies, and all come to the same conclusion – sports and proper nutrition are the key to a successful life.

Many people who are not related to sports and proper nutrition are prone to constant illness, physical, mental, prone to instability and selfishness.

Insufficient physical activity and unhealthy diet largely lead to such factors of an addicted person. Sports and proper nutrition during the rehabilitation process are able to minimize all kinds of nervous shocks. An addicted person who goes in for sports and adheres to a proper diet can easily endure any stressful situations – rehabilitation. And in this we see one of the main advantages of rehabilitation. Sports and proper nutrition play an important role in the process of rehabilitation, in the prevention and relief from the disease – addiction. Sports and proper nutrition can prevent serious illness and strengthen the immune system.

Sports and a healthy and balanced diet today are more talked about and written about than practiced in their lives, and most simply brush it off when they hear about something like that. Of course, in our clinic, this is a common daily practice, because sports and proper nutrition directly affect and affect the way of thinking and its activity. In our clinic, we have made sure from personal experience that nothing develops motivation for changing the state of consciousness like physical activity and proper nutrition, only they are able to give a person harmony and proportion. Sports and proper nutrition give a person a good feeling of the body, great mood, lift of spirit, burst of strength and constant vigor. Another advantage of sports and proper nutrition in rehabilitation is the development of fine motor skills. A person’s mind, his consciousness, his thought process and creative activity are directly related to proper nutrition and movements of the physical body. For example, a person who is not good at controlling the fingers, at the same time, almost always has poor diction. And a malnourished person has distorted thinking (information pollution).

Improper nutrition and inability to control your physiology is the inability to control your desires, which imposes its own restrictions on the choice of activity. All people, and even more dependent people, experience difficulties due to the fact that they have limitations in life. Sports and proper nutrition educate character, adequacy, willpower, self-control, control of their desires and their lives. They instill commitment and responsibility, make you humble your ego and open the door to liberation from the disease – addiction. Sport and proper nutrition separate the desire for self-improvement from self-deification and megalomania. For a dependent person, these qualities and knowledge are extremely important.

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